Eat Healthy and Stay Fit to Prevent Breast Cancer

Eat Healthy and Stay Fit to Prevent Breast CancerA new report released by the World Cancer Research Fund has advised women to eat healthy and stay fit to prevent breast cancer. The report claims that about 20,000 cases of breast cancer could be avoided in the UK every year with the help of a healthy lifestyle.

The report advises the women to adopt a healthy diet plan, avoid alcohol and perform regular exercise to stay fit. The report reveals that more than one in five women is obese in the UK. Previous studies have found that obese women are 50% more likely to die from breast cancer as compared to those who have a healthy weight.

Experts warn the women that drinking a large glass of wine every day also increases the risk of developing breast cancer. The reason behind the claim is not clear but experts believe that alcohol elevates the level of oestrogen in female body.

Dr. Lisa Wilde, Director of Research at the Breast Cancer Campaign, said that "diet and lifestyle are significant breast cancer risk factors".

The charity has suggested the women to maintain a healthy weight by reducing the intake of junk, fatty, salty and sugary food and drinks. They must adopt a healthy diet plan which includes fruit, vegetables and pulses.