Drug for preventing obese kids

Drug for preventing obese kidsAs a part of NHS trial, a drug will be given to pregnant women who are obese to bring down the chances of having obese kids.

There can be several health problems for a child and its mother who is overweight as they tend to give too much of food when a baby is growing inside her.

Metaformin is used for treating diabetes and attempts are now on by UK doctors who want to control this.

Weight Concern said, "It was an intriguing idea, but ideally women should reach a normal weight before pregnancy."

Total percentage of women who come in to UK hospitals are 15 per cent, according to the researchers leading this study.

A woman is always at a risk of giving birth to huge babies or even stillbirth and also a woman's risk death, pre-eclampsia, is also possible with this.

There are chances of babies born large to become obese when they grow up. Hormone insulin is something that obese pregnant women are more resistant to and this resistance is reduced by metaformin.

Experts hope that babies can take birth with a normal size if the amount of sugar going to the baby is reduced.