Nurses lodge collective grievance

Nurses lodge collective grievanceIt has been told to nurses that they will have to now spend more time working at weekends for making performance of the organization better and following this nurses working for NHS Direct have lodged a collective grievance.

Rota changes have affected nurses who work on part-time basis for the triage service and these are about 80 and mostly band 6.

Out of eight weekends, nurses will have to work for five weekends on part-time basis and this is just the same as it is for full time staff. The present trend is that on a pro rata basis the number of weekends worked by part time staff is worked out.

At weekends there is an increase in demand in work, according to NHS Direct chief nurse Tricia Hamilton.

She said, “We appreciate that this may not be a welcome change for some of our staff and we are doing everything we can to support them and answer any questions they may have.”

There were key performance indicators, KPIs, which were put in the contract and for not able to meet all of the KPIs, the service has recently been fined £1.1m and issued with a warning.