Fruity Friday & Google’s Most Popular Fruits

Fruity Friday & Google’s Most Popular FruitsToday is Fruity Friday, a yearly day of awareness started by the World Cancer Research Fund where people are encouraged to get an adequate amount of fruits in their diets.

Danni Mottram, a healthier outcomes worker at the Children’s Centre is heading up a local campaign in honor of this day to get the word out to local residents that they should eat more fruit.

On the island, you may even see some giant inflatable bananas at two separate locations throughout the day. If you see one, you can send a text message with the name of the location to 418971 to enter to win a prize of a fruit basket from Marks & Spencer.

When it comes to fruits, a tomato seems to be the most popular, despite the fact that it’s commonly mistaken for a vegetable. In the United Kingdom, people are twice as likely to search in Google for information about tomatoes as they are for apples, which is the second most popular fruit in terms of search engine information there. Bananas and peaches were in third place, and oranges came in fourth.

In addition to the United Kingdom, tomatoes are the most popular fruit in Google search in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.