Smoking is Easy to Quit, Says Phillip Morris

Smoking is Easy to Quit, Says Phillip MorrisSmokers are common across the globe and acquire an addictive lust for it. In spite of its numerous negative effects and considered difficult to quit although, the head of tobacco company, Phillip Morris International made a statement that has suppressed the belief.

During the company's annual shareholder meeting in New York, CEO, Louis Camilleri, said, that even though it is addictive, it is not that hard to quit while responded to Elisabeth Gundersen, a San Francisco nurse, regarding her concern about the human cost of smoking whilst marked the figure of 5 million deaths ,across the world, because of tobacco consumption.

However, the health experts have strongly opposed his statement. Doctor Len Lichtenfield from the American Cancer Society wrote on his blog that Cigarettes are extremely addictive, and heavy smokers are supposed to face a tough time during the quitting process.

"Our statistics in this country show that, for the most part, our ability nationwide to reduce the number of chronic smokers has hit a roadblock”, added Dr. Lichtenfield.

According to the official figures, more than 20% of American adults are indulged in the activities of tobacco consumption such as smoking.

Meanwhile, the Phillip Morris attempted to reframe its statement today that tobacco products are harmful and addictive.