60-Year–Old Shirley Curtis Dies from Overdose

60-Year–Old Shirley Curtis Dies from OverdoseA 60-year-old grandmother has been reported to have died from an overdose of drugs given to her at the North Shore Hospital, where similar incidents have been reported.

Curtis was said to be given a deadly dose of bête blockers by nurses in the hospital, which is similar to the recent story of the family of the cancer patient Marie Marsh, who died from an overdose of 200mg of morphine.

Curtis was reported to have breathing difficulties after a heart operation as well as swollen feet. When she was about to be discharged from the hospital, her condition changed abruptly.

Doctors in the hospital told her family she would not survive, at the same time confirming that the nurses had given her an overdose of the drugs, which slows down the heart rate. The nurses have been said to be off duty as the police and the coroner investigate the incident.

Though the hospital has apologized to the family about the incident, as no human is above mistake, they are said to be engaging in their own investigations to look more into the actual cause of death.

Moreover, Doctor David Galler from the Health Quality and Safety Commission has stated that, it’s not easy to avoid human error, but safety features can be designed to curb mistakes.