Warmer homes are better for environment, health

Warmer homes are better for environment, healthIn earlier times everyone was told that money, the planet and energy can be saved if an attempt was made to keep homes cooler. But, recently it has been stated that cooler homes will lead to harming the environment.

According to a report commissioned by Friends of the Earth and written by Professor Sir Michael Marmot, warmer homes are better for the environment now.

Health can be majorly affected by staying in cooler environment and Dr. Keith Dear and Professor Anthony McMichael from the Australian National University in Canberra state that this also means having heart attacks in older age if cooler environments are resorted to more. Among adolescents, a problem of developing mental problems is seen and among children breathing problems can also happen.

There are about 5500 more deaths in UK alone if people stay in cooler environments and these can be avoided if warmer homes are stayed in. it also means that health problems can be cut down by having warmer houses as this also means that the environment can be benefited.

In cooler countries poor people cannot keep their homes warm as they cannot afford insulation and that is why deaths happen.