New Guidelines for NHS

There is a new set of guidelines that have been issued by the NHS for the purpose of being able to make their work system even better organized. There are a number of issues being faced in the NHS organizations as of now. There is the introduction of these new set of guidelines with the view of preventing the violation of rights of the labor force of their team.

The violation of the right of the NHS workers ranges from excess working hours, child labor as well as low wages for work. These new guidelines shall help in dealing with these issues so that people get fair remuneration for their work as well as are treated well by their employers.

According to Dr Mahmood Bhutta, Adviser to the BMA’s Fair Medical and Ethical Trade group, “The conditions were shocking. In my mind I had associated surgical instruments with the clean sterile environment of the operating theatre.”

He further added that, “But here they were being ground and filed by 10-year-old children working full-time in small open garages on the street. The noise was deafening, the heat and dust unbearable, the risk of serious injury palpable”.

These guidelines are sure to work for the benefit of the employees as well as the patients as they shall be given the best treatment and care.