Require Improved NHS Management

Require Improved NHS ManagementAs warned in a report published by the King’s Fund on Wednesday, the policy which is set to derive much improved patient care, is more likely to result a financial failure because the NHS management costs are on a peek this time. Therefore, it is necessary for the Ministers to rethink “arbitrary” plans. They should consider reducing the NHS management costs by one third at least.

It is the hand much of the budget to GPs and the political heat which is existing around the government’s policies that has lead to an extension of market forces in the NHS. This has even drawn attention from its rival plans to set a target for reducing management costs by a third, latest by 2014-15.

It has been pointed out by the report, that it is only a good management system that contributes in improving the patient care and also saves money.

At the same time, this report has also admitted that the NHS is probably under-managed and there are some managers who are centered on the wrong things; this is the reason, why there lies a burdensome requirement of regulators and performance managers.

The report also stated, “Health ministers ... should rethink the planned 33 per cent cut in administration costs. The numbers announced are simply arbitrary. They have been backed by no published analysis whatsoever. And they come at a time when good leadership and management will be at a premium”.