£3 Million Loss to BHF

£3 Million Loss to BHFAccording to police, it was revealed that donation bags were stolen from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) in East Budleigh.

This theft consists of the money which have been donated by the people for the welfare of other human beings but this money was stolen from the charity by the thief and was spotted driving a red Toyota car

British Heart Foundation representative Melanie Kowalski said: “There have been a number of reports of bogus collectors operating in this area who are stealing stock bags which have been left out for collection. Stealing bags that have been left out for the British Heart Foundation is akin to robbing people with heart conditions of a better quality of life”.

Heart charity also reported the police that it would be easy to find the bona fide collector as they all have BHF logo and identification cards with them, which they carry all the time with them.

From the past three years, students of Newton Primary School are involved in the training in emergency support skills that were provide by BHF’s Heartstart programme.

This training of students has been recently observed by Mr. Mosley at the school premises. In this training, students have to save the person and keep him alive until the arrival of paramedics.