In babies drug eases sickle cell

sickle-cellIt has been reported that in kids who are very young, sickle cell anemia can be treated successfully by drug therapy.

A trial was conducted in about 200 babies in which it was seen that other complications and pain was reduced by the drug hydroxycarbamide.

Babies with an average age of nine to 18 months were taken for a trial in which an inactive placebo was compared with the use of hydroxycarbamide in the study that was spanned across two years. All these babies had sickle cell anemia.

Organ damage, pain and infections are some of the complications that are caused in this condition that are hereditary. This condition happens when abnormality occurs in red blood cells; these also get stuck in blood vessels and get an inflexible crescent shape. Presently nothing can cure this as no treatment is there.

Sickle cell anemia in the UK is treated with the chemotherapy drug hydroxycarbamide and in both adults and older children, the risk of complications are reduced with this treatment.

The aim of this study was to figure out if among babies who have sickle cell anemia, early damage to the kidneys and spleen is perevented by hydroxycarbamide. But it was found by researchers that as compared to placebos, the drug did not prevent their decline in function.