Kath Davies Breaks Her Silence

Kath Davies Breaks Her SilenceThere were a number of eyebrows raised when Medical Secretary, Ms. Kath Davies decided that she wanted to step down from her position out of the blue. The truth is now uncovered when she got candid about why she took such a decision.

She was not in favor of the new reforms of cutting the wages of the staff as well as the cutting down of the number of staff members as well. She decided to leave because she thought she could not take it anymore.

She said she used to have a strong belief that the Trust would support what was right for one and all, but she decided to leave when she saw things were not as they seemed to be.

She said, “I left because of my dissatisfaction at the trust. I felt after 20 years that the management team was disloyal to the staff that have worked there for years and now feel cast aside. Morale is extremely low”. She also revealed a number of other controversial details about the firm and their ways. She said that the trust has used a sum of £2 million, in the name of consultancy firms.

“Medical secretaries play a vital role and are the lynch pin that holds a consultant’s team together. The tasks they undertake ensure the safe and smooth running of the consultants’ daily role”, she revealed.