Overweight May Put the Health of Expectant Mother and Baby at Risk

Overweight May Put the Health of Expectant Mother and Baby at RiskAccording to a new research at the University of Bristol, it was revealed that obesity during pregnancy lasts a lifetime. However, gaining weight during pregnancy is important for her health and even for the health of unborn child. But gaining more weight during pregnancy may put them at increased risk of becoming obese.

The study enrolled 3,877 women over 16 years after their pregnancy and it was unveiled that women who have gained more weight during their pregnancy were three times more likely to be overweight. Conversely, women who gained less weight during their pregnancy were at lower risk of becoming obese. Despite of being obese, sometimes women also developed with other health problems such as high blood pressure later in life.

Dr. Abigail Fraser, the lead researcher, asserted, "Our findings suggest that regular monitoring of weight in pregnancy may need to be reconsidered because it provides a window of opportunity to prevent health problems later in life’.

The guidelines of the NHS have included the dietary chart of pregnant women which suggests the energy intake of 1,940 calories per day in initial six months of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that overweight women may have complications in giving birth to child.