Perfect Way to Treat Back Pain

Perfect Way to Treat Back PainGood news for all the people who are suffering from back pain and cannot live a healthy life. A new research has developed an injectable implant which is claimed to have the power to ease the lower back pain.

Back pain occurs to the people depending in their living style.

Research team from the University of Manchester has designed an injectable implant which has the capability to reduce lower back pain. This study report has been published in the journal Soft Matter.

Researchers have claimed that microgel particles have the capability to remove the pain by returning the mechanical properties to the damaged intervertebral disks.

Scientists have claimed that this microgel have the capability to function for longer time and have more elasticity. These properties will help to remove these pains for longer time.

Dr Saunders said: “Our team has made a breakthrough through innovative materials design that brings the prospect of an injectable gel for treating degeneration of the intervertebral disc a step closer”.

So the scientists feel that they have finally achieved to find a solution for the lower back pain for longer duration and provide large permanent changes without breaking and this will help millions of patients’ worldwide.