MS Register Believed to Produce the First True Picture of MS in the UK

MS Register Believed to Produce the First True Picture of MS in the UKIt has been reported that the MS society chose to reveal its groundbreaking register this week, which is when the MS week commences, owing to the belief that it will present the first true picture of MS in the UK, as well as its impact on people.

The society is reported to be the first, globally to have engaged in the activity of gathering information from patients along with clinical data and routine NHS information.

The MS register is said to bring about enormous possibilities, such as; more accessible and targeted clinic trails, accurate evidence to present, support and revolutionize future research etc, on the condition that a substantial amount of MS patients register.

However, the register is said to be getting a lot of support from professionals, who are aware of the significant impact its able to achieve.

Jeremy Chataway, a Consultant Neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, has stated that the new MS registry has brought more light on the disease and can “streamline” the way the research is carried out in the country.

The MS society has linked the new break through registry to that of the Cancer Registry, which led to various major breakthroughs as it was introduced. Also, people with MS can register and get more information on www. ukmsregister. org.