Government Should Start Referring People

Government Should Start Referring PeopleIt has been reported that the Government should start referring people for the weight loss programs as this will be a huge benefit for the citizens.

Statistical reports from the Slimming World claimed that around 35,000 people joined 12 week slimming course.

There are many people who have completed two-third of the course and have lost a huge amount of weight by then.

There are some health groups who have criticized the government for using private weight loss groups.

Reports have claimed that the government and the private bodies are constantly trying to reduce the weight of the citizens as obesity is the onset of many diseases which include diabetes, heart diseases.

The government is spending £4m a year for obesity control. The Department of Health is working very hard to control this as this problem is becoming a national crisis.

NHS trusts are now recommending people to join slimming clubs to curb out this problem and also suggesting them to live a healthy lifestyle.

The Slimming World program cost £50 per person. The half of the price is meant for weight loss medications and diet pills.

There are some charities which claim that these are temporary solutions, but the government should go for permanent solutions.