UAE Starts a Training Program for Healthcare Professionals

UAE Starts a Training Program for Healthcare ProfessionalsDiabetes is a major health concern across the globe but the UAE is known to have high occurrence rate of diabetes in the world. Figures reveal that about 19-25% or one in four people suffer from diabetes in the country. To deal with the rising problem of type II diabetes the UAE has launched a training program for healthcare professionals. The initiative of the UAE was identified by RNCOS.

Experts warn that high rate of diabetes could lead to many other health complications including cardiovascular and nerve pain diseases. Main reason of type II diabetes in the country were unhealthy lifestyle, lack of physical activity, poor dietary intake and rising senior population.

According to the latest report of “Diabetes Market in UAE”, high prevalence of diabetes in the country is creating unnecessary financial pressure on the government related to hospital services and other healthcare expenditures. Sale of insulin in the country has also increased in the past few years.

Health experts advise the people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, maintain healthy weight and perform regular exercise to prevent the onset of diabetes type II as no potential cure of the disorder is developed yet.