AIDS Awareness Program for the Benefit of People in Philippines

There has been the commencement of a new AIDS awareness program by the Camarines Sur Provincial Government. They have started this new drive for the awareness of people about this deadly disease and how it still has a number of cases down every year.

The aim of the drive is to be able to form a province that is free from this disease. The effort is being given ample support by the Government. They have set realistic and reachable goals in this regard and there is a lot of effort being made h one and all to make more and more people aware about the disease and how it kills not only people, but also the society.

There are AIDS seminars going to be conducted for people to realize what a horrendous disease it is. There are combined efforts being made by the government as well as the health workers for the awareness and the prevention of this disease.

Health Undersecretary, Dr. Enrique Tayag was of the view that the numbers of this disease shall increase manifold if the programs for awareness as well as prevention were not put in at the right time.

Dr. Ofelia Monzon, a very renowned AIDS researcher for the nation was of the view that the present figures of the disease are merely the ones of those people who got examined for the disease.

She further added that, “These are not the numbers. We do not know the extent of AIDS figures in the Philippines just like in other countries”.