New Private and Public Hospitals Providing Warmer Atmospheres

New Private and Public Hospitals Providing Warmer AtmospheresTwo of Britain’s public and private hospitals share similarities when it comes to their appearances. Circle Bath Hospital focuses on cosmetic type surgeries and Queen Elizabeth Hospital handles every type of patient be it emergency, accidental or serious illnesses.

Yet, from the outside and inside interior the two hospitals look very similar. Both take advantage of natural lighting and went beyond most hospital’s expectations of art and décor. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital was provided with artwork from the Prince of Wale’s Painting.

These new facilities also offer above average food services, although the Circle Bath’s food services are a bit more prestigious. Circle Bath offers a unique food experience at their hospital. They can also boast about having a top executive chef cooking patient and employee’s meals.

Though there are differences that both the private and public hospitals have due to the needs of its patients. While Circle Bath only offers single bed accommodations, single beds only make up 44 percent at QEH. This is due to many older patients who enjoy having a roommate.

Both hospitals are trying to create a comfortable atmosphere for its employees and patients. With positive responses, many hospitals may follow suit.