New Prostate Cancer Pill Gives Extra Life

New Prostate Cancer Pill Gives Extra LifeA research has revealed a pill for men with prostate cancer, who have exhausted all alternative that gives four months extra life. The drug also reduces the pain experienced by most of them, it’s known by its brand name of Zytiga, and was discovered by British scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research.

In the research trial, men given abiraterone acetate and a steroid survived for nearly 15 months, while those given only steroid treatment and a 'dummy' pill survived for an average of 11 months along with side effects of fluid retention and swelling.

The drug is directed at prolonging the life of prostate cancer victims, by combining new and older agents. It can be used in about 80% of patients with aggressive drug resistant prostate cancer who have undergone arrays of antihormonal therapies and chemotherapies

However, Professor Johann de Bono from the ICR and The Royal Marsden, chief trial investigator and lead author, has expressed that he was excited that the Institute of Cancer Research had discovered a drug that is proven to crucially extend the life of many men, as well as give doctors a substantial new treatment alternative.