Too Many Nurses, Not Enough Jobs

PhilippineThere seems to be a high rate of graduated nurses ready to start their nursing profession. However, their futures seem uncertain and many nurses are finding themselves in a job that has little to no relation to what they studied at school.

Years ago, the nursing profession was considered to be very prestigious and nurses were in demand. This is not the case anymore. It no longer holds the prestige it did years ago because of depleting quality of nursing schools.

From 2003 till now, nursing schools have more than doubled and nearly half of the schools are performing below average. Many freshly graduated nurses are going abroad to pursue their nursing careers. Nearly 130,700 graduates landed jobs abroad.

Many find themselves volunteering at hospitals on a two month contract, when they will be told if they qualify for the job. However, there have been instances when the trainees have been taken advantage of and pressured to do things that are not part of their job description.

Though the trainees are volunteering, they are required to pay a voluntary fee to participate in the program. Teresita Barcelo, President of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), states that this type of abuse has been going on for quite some time and states that further investigation is being done.