Young Children Who Do Not Get Enough Sleep May Become Obese

SleepA new study has revealed that children, who get less sleep, stand greater chances of becoming obese, despite other lifestyle factors that may also lead to obesity.

The study was done on 244 children who took part in the Family Lifestyle, Activity, Movement and Eating study in Dunedin, New Zealand, by a team of researcher in New Zealand.

They investigated the link of lack of sleep to different body compositions and becoming overweight in young children.

In the study, the weight, height, body mass index and body composition of each child between 3 to 7-years-old, was measured.

There sleep habits and physical activity levels were also examined by accelerometry which is a belt that carries a device that monitors body movement, also the diet of those who were 3, 4 and 5 years old, was gotten from a questionnaire.

However, it was revealed that all the children that fell into the three ages had an average sleep of 11 hours each day, as the results disclosed that young children with little amount of sleep had a major increased risk of having a higher BMI by age of 7. Irrespective of their control over other risk factors that are associated with body weight regulation.