Parents in Havering, Asked to Vaccinate Their Children against Measles

Parents in Havering, Asked to Vaccinate Their Children against MeaslesParents in Havering were asked to vaccinate their children against measles before the summer holidays, owing to the current outbreak of the disease in Europe.

The acting Programme Manager for immunization and screening in Havering, Elizabeth Bell, stated, “It’s important that children are vaccinated against measles. If they contract it, it can be very serious because their bodies are still developing”.

Though the figures are said to appear “relatively low”, children who have not been vaccinated could have an increased risk of getting the disease if they are not vaccinated, when travelling to other parts of Europe where outbreaks have been reported.

However, Children in the UK are reported to be receiving vaccination against measles as part of the MMR vaccine, as the first dose is given at 13 months of age and the second before the child starts school

Also, Children who have not had the vaccine are less likely to get measles in England, contrary to when the go abroad, which poses a much greater risk.

Elizabeth has further stated that the main messenge behind all these, boils down to it not being too late for parents to get their children immunized.