Anti-NHS Reforms Protest Group to Occupy High Street Banks

Anti-NHS Reforms Protest Group to Occupy High Street BanksA clan of anti-NHS reforms is all set to launch a scathing attack on the David Cameron led UK Government. As per reports, protesting group from Bristol, representing "UK Uncut", is expected to meet at the Band Stand at Castle Park to march for their non-alliance with the proposed health reforms, under the health care and social care bill.

The members of "UK Uncut" are expected to hold stunts across 35 cities and towns to disclose their aggression towards government’s attempt to providing leeway to banks in the form of tax breaks, while putting excessive pressure on general public by trimming down health care funding.

With the commissioning power going into the hands of GPs, the protesting group is of the opinion that government is hell bent on pulling in private health care providers, cornering the credibility of public health care trust of NHS.

Expressing dissatisfaction towards the proposed NHS healthcare reforms, Health worker and UK Uncut supporter Rosie Beech, claimed, "50,000 NHS staff will lose their jobs, whilst the taxpayer continues to subsidise the banks. Why is the government cutting the NHS and privatizing what's left rather than forcing our broken banking system to pay up?”.

Meanwhile, the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union is expected to support the protest to mark the unity of trade union and direct action groups