Sexually Active Women Over 40 Have 30% More Abortions

Now more than ever, older women are more likely to enter into short-term relationships or have casual sex. According to experts, this could be the explanation behind the 30% rise in the number of abortions of British women in their 40s.

Official statistics from the government show that last year, 8,179 women over the age of 40 had an abortion. More than 650 of these women were over the age of 45, and 21 were at least 50 years old. These numbers include women in their 40s that wanted to get pregnant but then decided to have an abortion after they realized their risk of having a child with Down syndrome or a birth defect, which both increase with the mother’s age.

“I think women are generally remaining sexually active for longer, and women in their 40s increasingly see themselves as sexual players – whether or not they are in relationships – in a way that they didn’t even a decade ago”, said Ann Furedi of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

While it may be considered a good thing that women are staying in touch with their sexuality, it has been proven that they’re more irresponsible than their younger counterparts regarding contraception. For example, while 70% of teenagers use condoms when they have sex, only 35% of people 35 to 44 do so.