Women More Vulnerable to Low Temperatures Then Men, Claims Study

Women More Vulnerable to Low Temperatures Then Men, Claims StudyWomen are more sensitive to low temperature than men, as per a recent study. In order to probe the underlying theory based on the overall spread of fat on the body, the team lead by Mark Newton, a researcher at the UK’s University of Portsmouth, conducted study, to conclude that females are more likely to get affected with cold temperature against men.

The team is of the view that as women are found to cushion less fat and muscle mass as compared to men, they are more likely to face problems pertaining to management of blood flow between various body organs.

Supposedly, the average temperature of women’s body was identified 0.4C higher than men while the hand temperature was found to be 2.8C lower, making it suggestible that women are more likely to feel cold as compare to their counterparts.

Though Endocrinologist Dr. Jonathan Cohen was of the opinion that there are various factors contributing to body temperature change, he added, “I think the obvious factors are there to see including a person’s weight or an overactive thyroid. But we’ve also noted research that has found that there are those who have a higher set thermostat that regulates body temperature”.