London HIV Prevention Programme Battles Financial Cut Amid Rising HIV Infections

HIV-AIDSA staggering cut of 20% in financial leverage, exercised by Inner North West London Primary Care Trust (PCT) in the budget for 2011-12, has jolted the Pan London HIV Prevention Programme. If latest report from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) is to be believed, number of HIV infected Britons has increased from 660 in 2001 to 1,480 in 2010, putting the future of London's HIV prevention groups under cloud.

Shockingly, one in every 200 Londoners of the age between 15 and 59 are reported to be living under almost three times heightened risk of HIV as compared to that in any other region in England.

With the report hitting the turf of the society, common consensus is being witnessed against the cuts as being "outrageous" and insensitive towards the long term goal of eradicating HIV, be it anti-HIV groups or gay support groups.

With the crippling situation of HIV epidemic in the capital, Peter Scott, of HIV prevention group Status, had expressed concern over the paltry effect of tangible steps being taken, over a period of 25 years, to address the percolating concern to reduce HIV infections and further, added, "The major charities in the field have fiddled around the edges and not confronted the major problem - that sex without condoms is increasing”.