Pro-Elderly Health Reforms Clan Lashes Out At Political Establishment of the UK

Pro-Elderly Health Reforms Clan Lashes Out At Political Establishment of the UKIt seems that the social health care bill is on the brink of collapse, as a clan, representing Charities, think tanks, local councils and health insurance firms, has launched a drive against the political cohort of delaying the desired radical reforms in the elderly health care system in Britain.

Signed by leaders of Bupa Care Services, the Local Government Association, Age UK, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and social workers and care groups, an open letter was sent to the trio of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, warning the dire consequences of any further procrastination in introduction of health care reforms to stabilize the crippling elderly care system.

The letter sent lambasted at all the ruling governments of the UK, of projecting callous attitude towards providing financial support to the health care needs of aged people and disabled community of England, despite of cognizance to array of reports signaling financial uncertainty looming over the existing health system.

Even Age UK's charity Director, Michelle Mitchell, added, “None of us want to live in a society where older people have to struggle on alone, isolated, scared and vulnerable for the last years of their lives”.

Deciphering the demand of integrating health and social care services, to improve the cash-crunched health services, a government commission, headed by economist Andrew Dilnot, is reported to be drafting plans to streamline funds into the health care system.