NHS Paid £30 million In Settlement

NHSIn order to settle the claims against East Sussex Healthcare Trust, NHS has paid an amount of £30 million. It is the 10th largest payout in the country in the 15-year period. It has been revealed by a national newspaper’s investigations that Trusts across the country have made 748 payouts in 15 years, totaling £2.4 billion. A Trust spokesperson said that these payments are not a reflection of the level of safety or quality of services within individual Trusts.

The East Sussex Healthcare Trust which runs two hospitals was held responsible by a patient of causing distress among patients. The trust spokesperson while defending the trust said that the Trust deals with 315,000 outpatients,
120,000 A&E attendances and 90,000 inpatients every year and it is not possible to provide perfection in each area of its operation.

The trust has been for long under scrutiny a recent case of three-year-old Jacob Antoniades who suffered catastrophic brain injuries when he was born at the DGH, leading to cerebral palsy has caused unrest among many patients who are seeking treatment there. It has come into light that in 2004 there was a similar case in which cerebral palsy sufferer Ricky Corrigan was awarded £1.6 million in damages caused by doctors’ negligence in failing to accelerate Ricky’s birth.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister Simon Burns have informed that there are few NHS hospitals which are under financial crisis. He has further told that in order to prevent them from collapsing the government is examining some private finance initiative (PFI) schemes involving NHS trusts.