Local Government bestowed with Greater Responsibilities

NHSThe health council has finally decided to give utmost authority and control to family doctors and councils. As per their decision the local government will now be responsible for public health and will have the right to scrutinize local health bodies such as hospital trusts and, more importantly it will influence GPs in their new role as representative of health services.

The Local Government Association after assuming its role is pushing GPs to "consult and co-operate" with health and wellbeing boards, and boards to sign off local commissioning plans before they are sent to the national commissioning board.

It is believed that even though the local government has been bestowed with greater responsibility there are numerous obstacles in the path of local government to form influencing health plans. It has been told that Managers will be required to build relations with GPs in order to form influential health plans.

Moreover, the Managers would have to struggle to understand why local politics should matter to the NHS. Additionally the local government has asked GPs to maintain a focus on the patients, councils and they have been asked to address the needs of the entire community.