Pharmacells Provides ‘Banking Stem Cells ‘Service worth £3,000

Banking Stem cells, with the implication of a unique health service, for future use may prove out to be effective for people battling with severe illness. The special service named as Oristem, though has been green signaled by the Human Tissue Authority, costs around £3,000 to store cells for 20 years.

Even Glasgow-based Pharmacells had reportedly offered this service, which is reported to have been developed by US Company; Moraga Biotechnology in California, in the form of a health kit, where customers will take their blood samples at home and then gives it back for cell extraction.

In addition, two other UK companies, including Altrika, Sheffield-based biomedical subsidiary of the materials company Ilika, and Vindon Healthcare have reportedly assisted in the project.

The pro- Oristem clan had claimed that exercising this service, can provide tangible benefits to the people who have been battling with cancers, diabetes, strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson and Alzheimer.

Expecting positive response from Britons towards Oristem, Pharmacells Chief Executive, Athol Haas, claimed, “The two great advantages of the technology are that it is minimally invasive and cost effective and these are not embryonic cells so there is no ethical controversy attached”.

However, Dr. David Lightbody, a researcher at Strathclyde University who has been studying the cells, had claimed that though they have successfully extracted cells, it’s too early to pass any conclusive statement about it.