Impressive Developments Revealed about Skin Cancer Treatments

Impressive Developments Revealed about Skin Cancer TreatmentsRecently during a conference of leading oncologists in Chicago, two developments in the field of skin cancer treatment have been materialized.

According to scientists, with the help of a pill called Vemurafenib, there exist greater chances of patient survival; even more than chemotherapy.

For revealing this fact, a group of 675 melanoma patients were involved and this pill was given to them twice a day. After six months of time, 84% of these patients were found to be alive, whereas from the group of patients given standard chemotherapy treatment, only 64% were alive.

Besides, another drug named Ipilimumab, was also introduced, stating that this drug can many times lend extra years of life to patients with advanced melanoma.

The results of both these developments were presented to the American Society of Clinical Oncology via a meeting in Chicago. And these were so impressive that the British experts in order to switch all patients over to Vemurafenib, immediately stopped running the trial.

When experimented on half of terminally ill patients with cancer spread to other organs as well, it was revealed that this drug actually works by acting on a faulty gene, BRAF.