Hygienic Food Important for a Healthy Life

Hygienic Food Important for a Healthy LifeDuring a research carried out by the Food Standards Agency in Wales, it has been found that most of the people today carry's numerous misconceptions about food hygiene and safety and therefore they are unable to prevent various food illnesses and poisoning among them.

Such gaps in people's knowledge about food hygiene and safety have really made the researchers worried.

According to FSA, 53% of Wales's population, which means more than half population, was queried about the food safety and in return, a shocking feedback was received. All these people said that it is only with the help of smell and appearance that they judge the safety of food prior eating them.

But in actual, it is not always that the life-threatening food poisoning bacteria, like E. coli O157 or salmonella can be recognized by smelling the food. Such bacteria's do not affect the appearance of food at all.

Also, among every 10 people, one said that food fallen on floor is safe to eat as long as it is obeyed under the five second rule, which means that within this period of time, it is picked up from the floor.

Today begins the food safety week and this research has therefore been published today only.