Travelodge Was Looking Forward to Launch Technology Based Hotel Rooms in 2030

virtual-sexTravelodge had made a plan to renovate the hotel rooms and provide a technology based hotel room by 2030. The rooms in future were believed to consist of virtual sex facility, access to internet through contact lenses and would also have knowledge gaining devices. The motive to design such a room was to provide a comfortable sleep to the residents in the hotel.

The budget hotel chain officials of Travelodge appointed Futurologist, Ian Pearson to reveal that how many rooms could be changed into such technology based rooms. According to TravelMole, Pearson said that a better reality would alter the hotel experience, ensuring a good night’s sleep as well as offering recreation, training, medical monitoring, rest and recreation.

The active lenses was claimed to make the customers experience feelings and emotions, the lenses would present 3D images on the screen of the lenses while worn by the traveler. The lenses could replay video, audio, smells and physical experiences.

As per Pearson, "Hotels in 2030 will offer customers a bespoke room and experience on every visit. Lonely business travelers will be able to turn their hotel room into their bedroom at home and with augmented and virtual reality; they can even share the experience with their partner anywhere in the world. Leisure travelers will be able to bring their favorite sights, sounds and smells into their hotel room for the ultimate stay.”