A Cheaper Way to Diagnose Early Stage Cancer

Diagnose-CancerRecently, a new way for testing oesophageal cancer was introduced. Government and health department in a way to appreciate this technique has awarded this innovation with a £50,000 prize.

Following this testing technique, is the Cytosponge, which has been awarded in the second position. Costing £25, this is far cheaper than the £600 that costs for performing the standard test for cancer, endoscopy. During this test, a sponge connected to a piece of thin medical string is inserted into a pill and this pill is to be swallowed by the patient. As soon as the pill dissolves, the sponge gets out of the oesophagus and collects few cells while coming back. With the help of these cells, then condition for Barratt’s Oesophagus can be tested, which is nothing else but something that increases the tumor dangers.

The development of this sponge took place at the Cambridge Medical Research Council Cancer Unit at Addenbrookes University Hospital. Dr Rebecca Fitzgerald along with her team is responsible for this success.

If Cytosponge finds a patient suffering from early stage cancer, then with the help of endoscopy, he can be treated.

In this regard, the Health Minister Simon Burns said: "We need to support innovation in the NHS, not suffocate it. In every hospital, GP practice and clinic we need to ensure innovation can flourish by supporting clinicians to develop new ways of thinking and delivering care to benefit patients and the NHS".