Another Decade to Go: A Protein for Broken Heart

Another Decade to Go: A Protein for Broken HeartFive years ago, it was just impossible to even expect, that someday, man will be able to persuade the heart to rejuvenate. But now, it has been claimed by the British-based researchers that in another 10 years, a perfect way for doing so will be there in their hands.

This means, that whenever a heart attack would occur, the muscles and blood vessels around it, will be able to rebuild themselves and this way they will massively reduce the long term damage to the patient. Also, the victim’s quality of life will improve.

The key for this magic is a protein, thymosin Beta 4 which has been discovered by the researchers at University College London. This will enhance the heart growth in youngsters and will reawaken dormant stem cells in the organ of adults.

Experiments on mice have been already performed, and positive results have been achieved. Their heart performance was improved by 25 percent. In a few years time, scientists will commence with human trials as well.

In this regard, Professor Paul Riley, the research leader, said: "I could envisage a patient known to be at risk of a heart attack – either because of family history or warning signs spotted by their GP – taking an oral tablet, along the lines of a statin, which would prime their heart so that if they had a heart attack, the damage could be repaired".