England Lacks Behind in Cancer Treatments, Except Breast Cancer

England Lacks Behind in Cancer Treatments, Except Breast CancerAccording to a latest study conducted by The King’s Fund in England, it has been revealed that the survival rates for people suffering from the most common forms of cancer is quite low as compared to other countries. Reason behind is that England's performance in key areas of cancer care is very poor.

As found by the study, availability of drugs was never an issue in England and this in no terms in linked with this trauma. But actually, it was due to delayed diagnosis, holdups in accessing treatment and age bias with older patients that left the disease under-treated.

However, all over the world, five-year survival rates have been improved but England’s performance is the worst when compared with Canada, Australia, Sweden and Norway.

The study also stated that in recent years, the gap between England’s survival rates for lung cancer and other countries has grown wider. Besides, survival rate for colorectal and ovarian cancers also continues to lag behind. However, one aspect where England has showed a better performance in its survival rates as compared to other higher performing countries is for breast cancer. Yes, it appears to be rising high.