Cash and Class Divide Rich South and Poor North

Cash and Class Divide Rich South and Poor NorthLucky are the people, who have a good job and a home in a well-off district, as they are likely to live ten extra years of life.

According to a recent study, people, who are wealthy or who are born in wealthier parts of the country are expected to live 11.3 years longer as compared to the ones, who are poor and are living in the lower regions.

The released figures from the Office for National Statistics have also highlighted the increasing life-expectancy gap between the middle classes living in comfortable suburbs and the low paid people living in down-at-heel estates. As according to the latest Government statistics, the great class and cash has majorly divided rich southerners, who as per the reports are more likely to make it to 75 from the ones, who are living in the poorer north. But for the girls, the gap is a bit narrow to about 10.1 years.

Thus, we can definitely say that a newborn girl in the district with the greatest life expectancy, wealthy Kensington and Chelsea in London is likely to live to almost 90 years.

In context to the situation, ONS said that overall boys are expected to live for 77.9 years whereas girls can live for 82 years. The ONS further said that “the greatest growth in male life expectancy at birth was experienced by those in the lower managerial and professional class”.