Care Quality Commission Uncovers the Truth of Few NHS Trusts

Care Quality Commission Uncovers the Truth of Few NHS TrustsTruth is out and reality is seen following unannounced visits of the health watchdog, the Care Quality Commission, who upon visiting the geriatric wards found that in no manner the legal standards on nutrition and dignity are being met at the NHS trust, which left their patients in beds and that too without curtains and health monitoring devices stating the reason behind being the lack of space in the organization.

Total 14 inspections cases were done, among which 9 were found to be meeting the essential requirements, 3 required minor improvements and rest 2 definitely failed the inspections. All the inspection cases had respective set of reports as according to one report, elderly patients who had been prescribed water by doctors were being given enough to drink and same was being ensured by the nursing staff whereas in the second story, a pensioner, who was at a risk of malnutrition was being allowed to eat just a single spoonful of ice cream.

Moreover, at the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, moderate concerns of the authorities were cited about nutritional standards of their patients as patients were not let to wash their hands before or after eating meals.

The watchdog further added in its statement that “Two people were seen to wipe their soiled hands on their bed sheets or clothing in the absence of a napkin”. Also “One woman spilled her food because she had not been put in the correct position to eat, but staff simply told her: “We will change your nightie later.”