New Stem-Cell Treatment Soon to Heal Broken Heart

New Stem-Cell Treatment Soon to Heal Broken HeartMedicine science is really giving many new wonders every day and the latest discovery in same has been made by the scientists at the University College London, who have recently discovered a new stem cell treatment that could automatically allow the heart to heal itself after an attack.

This breakthrough on treatment of heart disease can really save a big number of lives that we were earlier losing due to the absence of any firm treatment of heart disease.

This latest discovery has been made by Paul Riley and his colleagues, who have recently identified a rich source of dormant stem cells in the epicardium i. e. the innermost layer that surrounds the heart along with a thymosin beta-4, a peptide that is naturally produced by the body and has the potentiality of reawakening and mobilizing the stem cells to repair any caused heart damage.

The study was done on mice in a laboratory during which it was found that mice were more likely to survive a heart attack if they had received daily injections of thymosin beta-4, a week beforehand and also their stem cells got reactivated within 24 hours of the attack instead of a week thereby re-producing larger numbers of heart muscle than the untreated mice.

The pill to repair the damaged hearts could be a reality within ten years, the credit of which goes to a British stem-cell breakthrough.

Regarding the situation, Professor Peter Weissberg, Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation, who funded the research led by University College London scientists, said: "Even five years ago, people would have said this is science fiction, science fantasy".