‘Save The Children’ Urges David Cameron to Grant Funds for Vaccination

‘Save The Children’ Urges David Cameron to Grant Funds for VaccinationSave the Children has urged the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron and other world leaders to help them in achieving the cost of immunizing world's poorest children over the next four years. The immunizing program will be operated by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and will cost £2.3 billion.

The GAVI has planned to vaccinate 243 million children by 2015 and save four million more lives. GAVI has immunized about 288 million children across the globe and has already saved about five million kids from dying.

GAVI has planned to introduce new vaccines in the poorest countries of the world, which will require £4.2 billion, of which £1.9 billion have already been collected. Experts believe that a vaccinated child is at least six times more likely to survive as compared to the child who has not received any vaccination.

Save the Children has also urged the vaccine manufacturers to work together in order to reduce the prices of new and existing vaccines.

Most of the unvaccinated children of the world live in poor countries. Chad has the highest proportion of unvaccinated children followed by Somalia, Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria.