Hospital Nurse Warned for Intimate Relation with Patient’s Spouse

DisciplinaryIn last few days, it was reported to the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal that a female nurse has been found building sexual relation with the husband of a patient in the hospital. In this regard, the Disciplinary Tribunal has warned the nurses not to get involved into any such relations; else their career would be exhausted.

Aiming to protect the privacy of wife, no names have been disclosed. Details of all involved have been further suppressed.

As mentioned by the Tribunal, it was between June 2009 and January 2010, that this nurse, Ms. E, developed an "inappropriate intimate and-or sexual relationship" with the husband of a patient who was suffering from multiple subarachnoid hemorrhages.

However, according to Ms. E, for the first time she met Ms. S's husband when she was admitted to the hospital and it was during the medication times only when she use to visit him for making him learn how to designate his wife with the personal care during her illness.

According to one of the hospital’s doctor, after the attack, Ms. S had been left with total right-sided hemiplegia, due to which she had lost her speech. She recognizes staff and family and indicates well when she is happy or sad and till now, no such sign of unhappiness against Ms. E has been shown by her.