A Big Support to Macmillan Cancer Support

A Big Support to Macmillan Cancer SupportThis year, UK-wide charity, the Vale Royal Fundraising Group for Macmillan Cancer Support is all set to celebrate its 100th birthday. In last two years, a hard working group, comprising of numerous mid-Cheshire volunteers had raised more than £50,000 for this leading cancer charity and this year, it is aiming to raise even more.

Following members of previous group who succeeded in achieving their ambition of raising a pretty good amount for the Macmillan Cancer Unit at Leighton Hospital and disbanded, Marian Scowcroft and Gail Jackson also have formed another group of 12 members.

Marian was part of the original group also and thus this time too she wants to help those cancer affected lives. So she along with Gail had decided to form a new group now. Gail is the same lady who along with her dad Len Tomlinson organized the Whitegate Daffodil Walks. In this regard, Marian said, “We had a meeting and a few people came along, then we’ve gathered a few more as we’ve gone on. We don’t do lots of events because we’ve all got other things and said we didn’t want this to take over our lives”.

For supporting the Macmillan Cancer, this group basically organizes events like the daffodil walks, supermarket bag packs and the annual Macmillan Big Coffee Morning at Delamere Park.