Disappointment Seen after the Cancelation of Bristol’s Bike Ride

Disappointment Seen after the Cancelation of Bristol’s Bike RideDisappointment was witnessed after the cancellation of the Bristol’s charity biggest bike ride due to the crash of a van on the path. A4 Portway was blocked due the accident and the bike ride event was called off by the unanimous decision of the organizers.

Around 5,500 cyclists were to participate in the event and disappointment was clearly noticed on their faces. But authorities will soon fix up the matter and will come out with a new date.

Jon Rogers, Councilor, Bristol City, said, “It's a really difficult call for people organizing these sorts of things but four rides go along the Portway”. He stated that the event was called off, as after the accident it was risky to run so many cyclists on the track. According to him, the diesel spilt on the road made the track slippery and further, some glass pieces scattered on the road made it even more dangerous for the participants.

"It needs a slightly higher level of safety than a quick clean. We'll look at the decision but as far as I can see it's one that I would fully support", he said.

Though one of the volunteers reported that he had been to the point after the incident and did not find any diesel or glass, but still he will be following the instructions of the organizers.