Drug Firms Pulling Out Decision from Research into Brain Disorders that will Affect Many Severely

/brain-disordersBrain disorders were definitely not less troubling for many families that a new problem has arisen to make the things more complicated for the people. This time drug firms have lead the threat as they have decided to pull out from the researches regarding brain disorder, which can definitely affect many severely and moreover, will also have a big financial impact on the society.

Brain disorders like depression and schizophrenia have become among the worst illnesses that are affecting many people worldwide and upon same decision by leading drug companies such as UK-based GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca of pulling out abruptly from researching into brain disorders has really left many families without hope, as the companies no longer intend to research new antidepressant drugs, which has effectively marked an end to the Prozac era during which, the leading drug companies vied to produce rival blockbuster pills, which were being prescribed by GPs to millions of people with mild to moderate depression and were even giving positive results but no more, we will see the same.

Regarding the situation, GSK's Chief Executive, Andrew Witty, said that the main reason behind the decision was the presence of some of the most expensive drugs to research, which could fail in later-stage trials.

In context to the issue, Neuroscientists, including David Nutt, Professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, and Guy Goodwin, Professor of psychiatry at Oxford University, are really concerned and worried that the decision will dry up the new treatments.