Males Must Concentrate Upon Their Health As well

male-healthThough men are regarded as a privileged sector of society, according to reports this privileged sector is definitely weak regarding their health status as compared to women.

According to the figures released by the first State of Men’s Health in Europe report, which has been published this week, premature death rates for men across the EU are higher than women in all age groups. Also, the reports highlighted that approx 630,000 men die every year aged between 15 and 64 compared with 300,000 women.

June 13th to 19th is the Men’s Health Week and this year’s theme set is Let’s Talk, reason being the difficulties that men face or find in talking about their health and personal issues. According to the surveys recently done, men’s health is bad and is getting even worst and thus, to improve the situation and make the figures good, the Men’s Health Week will be primarily focusing on the methods, which could be applied to improve their health not only in Ireland but in rest of the Europe as well.

Almost all the fields highlight the same worst position of Men’s health as compared to the women such as young men suffering from cancer are four times more likely to die sooner than women of the same age, men account for
95% of fatal accidents and 75 % of non-fatal accidents in the workplace.

The above issue desperately needs men to try to seek maximum help early enough from medical professionals.