Doctor Yells at UK Prime Minister

It was a bit of a shock when an orthopedic surgeon burst into the room where Nick Legg together with Mr. David Cameron was on a tour of the Guy’s Hospital. The man had come out in protest of a few members of the group.

It was a mere matter of seconds before he was ushered out of the room by the aides. In those few seconds, he made his point clear to those eyeing him with awe.

“Excuse me; I’m the senior orthopedic surgeon in this department. Why is it that we’re all told to walk around like this and these people…?” He further added, “I’m not having it”.

The politicians were here to unveil the reforms in the NHS and the journalists had been informed by the ward sister that there was no need for them to roll up their sleeves as they were not to come in close contact with the patients.

The preliminary protocol was observed by Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg, as they were approaching the patients’ beds.