Top Ice-Cream Blends in the Vicinity

It has been revealed in a recent study that Mount Desert Island Ice-cream has been named among one of the 25 top ice-cream spots in the nation.

Jack Daniel secured to top-most position and the magazine also reported that this ice-cream was even tried by the likes of President Barack Obama.

Another member of the top 25 list was Annabelle’s Ice-cream in Portsmouth. There were many other top names that made it to the 25 list these were a judicious mix of the most exotic flavored ice-cream blends in the vicinity.

There are so many people who love to come to these outlets to grab their favorite scoops. Especially in this scorching heat, ice-creams are one reason to smile. People are crazy about the blends and the flavors available at these outlets; each one has their own favorite.

The MDI’ Bar harbor has been opened in the year 2006 and people have been going crazy about their delicious ice-creams The report was also of the view that President Obama had tried the coconut flavor ice-cream available there, when he had visited the place.