Nurses to Go Under Wraps

Nurses to Go Under WrapsNursely Chestiles must go under wraps, according to East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, which has recently decided that there is an important need for the medical professionals to become more professional.

Thus to showcase the same image and enable the patients to not subscribe to the Sid James school of healthcare, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust has passed orders to Babs Windsors to keep their nursely chesticles firmly under wraps.

The drive primarily aims to promote a "professional and consistent" image for doctors and nurses and was formulated post-receiving complaints from customers, resulting in all future patients to be spared cleavage, exposed midriffs, denim, shorts, leggings and mini-skirts.

Also, according to the reports, the proscribed list will be accompanied by scruffy beards, unkempt fingernails, "hair ribbons, combs and sharp decorative slides". The unions have made no objection in the matter.

Hannah Middleton, local Unison branch secretary, said: "We needed a policy that covered all staff whether they were in the clinical side or non-uniform staff. There had been complaints from patients about members of staff baring their midriff and problems with health and safety as some had been wearing sandals. There has always been a policy but it has now been toughened up".