Kronic banned in Australia, Still Part of New Zealand

Kronic banned in Australia, Still Part of New ZealandKronic, a product of cannabis, will be seen in the market of New Zealand, though the drug will be banned in Australia.

According to Australian Medical Association, Kronic’s intake can lead to panic attacks, trepidation, serious nervousness, restlessness and high heart rates. Whereas, the Kronic’s maker claims, it to be a “legal weed” which has never presented any side effects in its seven-year stay in the market.

Peter Dunne, Associate Health Minister, said that in a report by the advisory committee of New Zealand, the drug was confirmed to be containing some side effects after its usage. But still New Zealand authorities are not taking any action against it. He told that though people under 18 are prohibited in using it under the Smoke Free Environment Act.

"My hope would be that if new expert advice becomes available then the expert advisory committee would reconsider it", he said.

Authorities are checking on its usage. According to the police authorities, several schools have found students failing with nausea from the drugs usage. Few days ago, three students were suspended by the school authorities of Auckland's Takapuna Grammar School, for carrying and using the drug in the school premises.

The next action taken will be opening of the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill, stated Dunne.